Rules for 2017 / 2018 Championship

Gates & Track:

  • Every race the track will be changed.
  • Each league will run same track but alternate rounds. (with some track adjustments where required).
  • Rookie can choose to fly over the gates however must fly directly over the gate through imaginary flags either side. However you are required to fly under the start gate and at least one other gate of your choosing.
  • If you miss a gate in the Pro league you must return to the gate to complete, or receive a 5 sec penalty. This can also be applied post race if evidence is present showing an unintentional gate miss.

Pilot Etiquette:

  • When not flying you will be required to be Spotting for the alternating league.
  • Being thoughtful and considerate to all other pilots is always expected.
  • We do not tolerate hate of any kind.
  • Pilots are expected to following the direction of the Race director and the Race Coordinator at all times.

Yellow Card System

  • If you’re being lapped you must pull over for overtake, Verbal commands used.
  • Collisions will not be tolerated. Intentional Collisions will result in a red card,
  • Mid air collisions both pilots will be giving a warning in the form of a yellow card.
  • After 4 Yellow cards – at the discretion of the Race Director you may be issued a red card.
  • You can no longer compete in that event if red carded.

Advancing Through Leagues:

  • If you win a season in rookie league you must move to pro.
  • If you place 2nd or third you can choose to move up to the Pro league.

Registering for event:

  • Registration for event will be through MultiGP and payments through
  • Registrations for event will close the night before at 9pm.
  • You must be at the event a min of 1.5 hours before race starts.
  • Your aircraft must be inspected and approved by the race coordinator before you can start flying.
  • You must attend the safety briefing in order to fly.
  • After safety briefing a course walk through will take place and video freq will be set.
  • 30 mins after safety briefing practice will begin.

Powering up and no fly zones:

  • There is to be strictly no flying the track between the safety briefing and the practice session.
  • There is to be no powering up in the pilot area.
  • There is to be no flying anywhere but the designed flight zone (indicated to you by the race director)
  • There is to be n flying overhead of pilot area.
  • When powering up (when other pilots are in practice) you must be at least 10 meters away from the pilot area, you must call out in a loud projected voice “POWER UP” wait a second for your instruction to register with other pilots. Plug in your battery while watching the pilots ready to disconnect if required.

Video Transmitter and Antenna Guidelines