When: Sept 2nd 2017 through to May 18th 2018
Where: At various locations Auckland wide
Who: Flight Club Pilots

Flight Club NZ is proud to announce our new upcoming season and dates. With 18 planned race days every 2 weeks your top10 finishes will count towards your final championship result. This means you can afford to miss 8 events or have 8 mulligans. You can have some bad days and still be competitive for the season.

2 Leagues now available for all skill levels. We will be running both leagues side by side alternating each round between rookie and pro leagues.

Race Format:
8 player racing @ 25mW.
$10 entry fee (Pro league) $5 entry fee (Rookie League)
2 min Rounds | Max time 3 mins.
1st through the end gate wins. Alternatively If some or all crash there position on track will determine there place.
Everyone must pass through first gate without crash or collision or the race is restarted.
6 rounds of racing and a practice round. Practice session will be approx. an hour, and will be 3 rounds of the track.

Points Allocation:
For final placings each race day points will be allocated fr the following final placings these points are carried over for the Season (top 10 results)
1st – 10       2nd – 6       3rd – 4       4th – 3       5th – 2       6th – 1

New rules have been introduced for the season and can be viewed here


FlightClub joins MultiGP

FlightClub are pleased to announce we have joined MultiGP with our very own FlightClub Auckland Chapter. All our meets use the MultiGP system to manage video frequencies. You will need to join our chapter to compete in both funfly and championship rounds.