We have some outstanding accounts and seems to be a little confusion around the rules regarding signing up for a race etc.

I have clarified what is required to race in the Fast and the Furious League. Updates or reminders about this can be found in the forum section of our website and includes information on:

  • Membership Requirement to race
  • Payments for races
  • Registration Process
  • Cancellation Process
  • Event Reminders and Cancellations
  • VTX and Antenna requirements

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Flight Club Annual Memberships are now available for the coming 2017 / 2018 season. With 18 planned races across the season you can save up to $120 by getting a membership instead of paying for each race on the day.


Flight Club Member:
Free Membership for those interested in Drone Racing, but don’t want to or not quite ready to compete yet. As a Flight Club Member, you will have access to our community website and forums, receive updates and notices about upcoming events and also get our newsletter. You will also receive a one time use only 10% discount voucher to Flight Club Supply Co.

Flight Club Pilot: $9.95 Annual Membership allows you to compete in any Flight Club events held. You will receive all the benefits of a Flight Member listed above but in addition, your 10% discount voucher will be permanently applied to all your Flight Club Supply Co purchases.

Flight Club Team Pilot: $59.95 Annual Membership gives you all the benefits of a Flight Club Pilot however you will also receive FREE entry to all Flight Club Events (SAVING up to $120) except showcase events like FormulaFPV. You will also receive a limited edition Flight Club lanyard.

Memberships will be available to purchase as of next week.


FlightClub joins MultiGP

FlightClub are pleased to announce we have joined MultiGP with our very own FlightClub Auckland Chapter. All our meets use the MultiGP system to manage video frequencies. You will need to join our chapter to compete in both funfly and championship rounds.


Welcome to FlightClub, NZ premiere FPV community. Flight Club was established through a lack of regular meetups in Auckland, NZ largest city. So a group of fellow pilots most of which worked shift worked started meeting up on regular occasions. Through this initial group of community focused members FlightClub has grown to a strong helpful and interactive community of both experienced and beginner pilots