About Flight Club NZ

FlightClub AKL is NZ premiere FPV community. Flight Club was established through a lack of regular meetups in Auckland, NZ largest city. So a group of fellow pilots most of which worked shift worked started meeting up on regular occasions. Through this initial group of community focused members FlightClub has grown to a strong helpful and interactive community of both experienced and beginner pilots.

Flight Club is currently in the process of registering as an official society / community in order to increase our exposure to the public through community and council driven partnerships. We aim to positively engage the public in the sport / hobby of drone racing.

Website: http://flightclub.co.nz
Community Website: http://community.flightclub.co.nz/
Online Store: http://www.flightclub.co.nz/store/
MultiGP: https://www.multigp.com/chapters/view/?chapter=Flight-Club-AKL (this is the global registration system for competitive racing)

For reference Information around flying in New Zealand, the rules, and an excellent resource for both pilots and the public is https://www.airshare.co.nz/ also check out the page outlining the rules and regulations in NZ. https://www.airshare.co.nz/rules

We also hold Showcase events for pilots throughout NZ like FormulaFPV an annual race at a local GoCart track held during winter. We also take part in events such as the CRC speed show, and the upcoming Automania on the North Shore to showcase Drone Racing to the public.

Some promotional Video of Formula FPV can be found here or visit FormulaFPV on facebook.