We have some outstanding accounts and seems to be a little confusion around the rules regarding signing up for a race etc.

I have clarified what is required to race in the Fast and the Furious League. Updates or reminders about this can be found in the forum section of our website and includes information on:

  • Membership Requirement to race
  • Payments for races
  • Registration Process
  • Cancellation Process
  • Event Reminders and Cancellations
  • VTX and Antenna requirements

Fast and the Furious Season:

To remind yourself of the rule for the Fast and the Furious 2017/2018 season please read here

This is a paid event, To compete in the event you are required to purchase a Membership of either a standard member ship of $9.95 or a Team Pilot Membership of $59.95


Each event requires payment on the event day, For Pro events this is $15 and for Rookie events it is $10. You can receive a $5 discount on the entry price if you register a min a 3 days in advance to the event. Payments can be made in advance via bank transfer or paid cash on the day. NOTE: Team Pilot Memberships get FREE entry to Race Events. Bank account to deposit your payment into is 06-0254-0455822-01 please use your pilot handle as your reference.

MultiGP Registrations
Registrations for both Rookie and Pro leagues are done using MultiGP. This is a requirement, you will need to create an account. You can view instructions for this in the Tutorials pages.

Registrations close the night before the event at 9pm.
Frequency allocations will be done after 9pm when registrations have closed, it is important that you attend an event once committed as your frequency has all ready been allocated etc. If you cant make an event but have previously registered for please make sure you “LEAVE” the event on MultiGP. If you register for an event and don’t turn up you will be charged for the event regardless.

Cancellations/Postponement for an event:
We endevour to do our best with letting you know when an event is cancelled or postponed. If the weather is starting to look threatening we will post an update on Facebook or possible changes to schedule. If a delay or postponement is required an update will be posted on our website in the forum section. We will also send an email to all registered pilots for the event to let them know any changes. For Official updates please only use the Website and/or MultiGP for event delays or postponements.

Postponement will always take place the following Saturday 1 week later, if that Saturday needs to be delayed the event will take place on the Sunday.

VTX and Antenna Requirements:
All our races will be held @ 25mW. Your VTX MUST be able to run @ 25mW.
Your VTX must be purchased new within the past 12 months (you can purchase 2nd hand but the original purchase must be made within the past 12 months).
You MUST know how to change the channels on your VTX, and have a chart with you that you can use to find what frequency in MHZ the unit is transmitting on. For example some VTX use E4, some use 44, but you MUST know what MHZ this is.
Antenna must be suitable, it must be intact with no visible defects.
The Video Manager Don Smith or the Race Director will be the final word on what is allowed and what isn’t.
Recommended VTX: TBS Unify is the standard world wide and is well known for little drift, great filters, and no power-up noise.


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